What you should do the day before the JLPT

July 7, 2024 is the JLPT exam. I passed the advanced level of the Korean Language Proficiency Test in nine months, and I'll introduce what you do the day before the test.

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The exam is long!

Do you know how long it takes?
For example, N4 and N3, which have many test takers…


N4 is 115 minutes in total, and N3 is 140 minutes. There is a break between each subject. You may want to memorize words during this short break or listen to YouTube or podcasts to prepare for the exam. Make sure to bring headphones and textbooks.

Don't lose concentration until the listening section!

Five years ago, I studied Italian for only six months. I tried taking the Italian exam, but I couldn't do it at all. I was busy with work and didn't study at all, but I lost confidence and was exhausted when I had to take the last listening question.

Rather than studying new things the day before, it's important to review what you've studied so far and "not forget".
Study your textbook for 115 minutes, the same as the exam time, in a quiet place with your smartphone turned off.

Exams are like sports games. The important thing is to give 100% of yourself. Chatting with friends during breaks will not affect the test results. But if you can check even one more word, it may affect the test results.

If you can pass the JLPT N4, you will be one step closer to working in Japan, and if you pass the N3 or higher exam, you will be able to get a job with a higher salary than you have now.

I hope this article will be useful and change your life.

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